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Into The Wild Bushcraft School is to offer the highest quality bushcraft experience and education with traditional skills and crafts. Our courses have been created to suit every level ranging from beginners to advanced. We look forward to passing our knowledge along the line and meeting like-minded people who have a desire and passion to learn the ancient skills of our ancestors and become one with nature.

Our ancient forest sits on the border with Dorset and Somerset and sits in an area of 375 acres of stunning natural beauty. The forest is an on-going conservation project with an aim to return it to the way it was when our ancestors were hunter gatherers. Our instructors provide a wealth of knowledge stemming from many years of teaching bushcraft skills and we firmly believe that we have the right combination of skills and resources to provide the ultimate bushcraft experience.

Our vision as a full time, all season company is to teach all aspects of bushcraft with a friendly and enthusiastic approach. We feel we are in a position to offer some of the most comprehensive courses, teaching beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike. We teach the skills used by our ancestors that enable them to become one with nature and the landscape in which they lived. We look forward to meeting you and passing on our knowledge.

Sample Courses:

  • Wilderness Skills & Crafts
  • Primitive and Modern fire lighting techniques
  • Safe cutting techniques
  • Game and fish preparation
  • Natural Shelter building
  • Water purification techniques
  • Basic camp craft

Into The Wild Part 2 - Wilderness Living & Skills

  • Building your own shelter
  • Fire by friction
  • Game preparation
  • Foraging
  • Tracking
  • Trapping
  • Primitive Tools
  • Advanced Crafts
  • Advanced Carving

Tailor made courses:
Your chance to pick any combination from our skill sets or courses from our website. We can design a course for you on a one to one basis or to meet your group requirements. Visit our website or contact us for a full range of courses.

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The art of bushcraft is about living outdoors and relying upon our understanding and knowledge of the natural world that surrounds us.

One of the best ways to observe and understand our beautiful country is to get out into the countrside amongst the trees and wildlife and set up a camp.

Into The Wild bushcraft School provides a unique environment to teach you, the outdoor enthusiast the art of bushcraft and the skills that our Hunter Gatherer ancestors used on a daily basis

within our ancient forest we will teach you how to become one with nature by teaching you the skills needed to become self-sufficient and at ease in the wild.

You will start by mastering the art of fire by friction. this is the key to the door, now you can cook your food, purify your water and stay warm. Following this we will embark on an in-depth structured programme concentrating on ancient techniques in bushcraft and the primitive skills our ancestors employed.

if you want to learn more see our up-coming courses for 2013.

Call right now for more information on tel: 01935 892322 or mobile 07580 682465